About BORDEAUX 2050

" What is this dark red wine hiding in a strange bottle? Bordeaux 2050 is not the result of time travel, but rather the combined vision of oenologists who hold the environment as dear as their craft. A foreboding contradiction: a vintage from the future — with a taste we cannot savour to convey a message we cannot ignore. After continually writing and talking about climate change, and pressing the issue of global warming and its sequence of catastrophes to COP time and again, the Association of Environmental Journalists (AJE) wanted to undertake this slightly crazy task. To get closer to the reality of 2050 to see what lies ahead, halfway through the century. "




The 2050 cuvée is not a reality yet. Its aim is to warn people about climate change and, ultimately, to protect the future of French wine. Like every new experiment, the scientific method used has an element of uncertainty. It does not take into account the adjustments which will be made in the production methods in order to maintain the current quality of Bordeaux wines.